Kerajak (kind of bird in Persian dialect) is an Iranian brand of handmade jewelries. Founded in 2013 as a small design studio for jewelries and fashion accessories in order to revitalize Iranian culture in a modern body, enjoy unconventional materials and dramatically substantiate them beneath historical stories. Kerajak delivered its pieces all around the world besides different cities in Iran. All Kerajak’s designs are completely handmade and intended just for one production.

Through this page you will see some of my works in Kerajak design studio.



Your breath in my empty hands is song and lushness; I’m getting up!

A light in my hand and a light in my heart; I burnish the rust of my soul;

I put a mirror against your mirror…

To make an eternity of you.

(poet: Ahmad Shamlu. Mannequins: Gennesis Mannequins)
































spring would never look for doors, it would always take a window and come in. it sneaks in, by the small window down the garden without any show-off. Spring is those yellow auto plants with no demands of water or fertile grounds, just in need of a kind heart & a grandma who smiles at them.
























Even the most complicated schemes are made of dots and lines. In the first look there are just two thin tiny pieces, you join dots with lines, and there it is! they will magically bring down your thoughts on paper! But, if you look again, in a different way, you’ll see blank spaces too! They play half of the role silently… Just like what sands do, so the song of the sea can be heard.

































Every fairy tale story has a garden as its background in our minds. Garden is a symbol, for showing calmness, freshness, and lightness, of the space and if we combine these attributes with the specific symmetry of Iranian art, a cute colorful bird will emerge! And it will sing the song of elegance and rhyme all over the place.

In this collection I was trying to use Persian Garden’s symbols as symmetry -both directly and indirectly-, cedar trees, birds, etc. to reflect those feelings someone has when walking through them!































































The legendary symbolic death of Siavash has a long life story behind as an Iranian myth in Shahnameh – the book of epic poetry by Ferdowsi a world renowned Iranian poet from 940-, Siavash was accused of having an unfair & was set to pass throw fire to prove his purity, just as what a metal goes throw to become a jewelry; his mourning however was a bitter taste of an overspeed jealousy, a completely humanly perspective of being pure.