A UX  Researcher/Designer based in the USA!


Can Games Help People with Dementia? A Guideline to Design Games for People with Dementia's Needs (International Conference on Health and Social Care Information Systems and Technology 2023)
Navigating Discontinuities: Practices of Home Health Care Workers
(Extended abstract at Work in the Age of Intelligent Machines Working 2022 Conference)

Exploring Design Recommendations for Promoting Brain Health, ADRD Health Literacy, and Participation in clinical ADRD trials in Older African American/Black Adults
Exploring the Impact of Digital Art Therapy for People with Dementia: A Research-based Discussion (CANWEST International Research Congress 2023)

Classifying Technologies during the Assessment, Treatment Planning, Documentation and Evaluation Phases of Music Therapy: A Survey of Board- Certified Practitioners

Exploring the Integration of Technology in Art Therapy: Insights from Interviews with Art Therapists

Understanding the Care Work: Aging, Dementia, and technology (Work in the Age of Intelligent Machines Working 2022 Conference)

Testing three modalities - Voice Assistant, Chat Bot and Mobile App- to assist Older African American/Black adults in seeking information on Alzheimer and related dementias and Medical Research opportunities
Nudging for Good: Leveraging Software Solutions to Foster Positive Behavior Change


Design Thinking & Problem Solving 100%
Analytic Thinking 95%
Game Design Theories 100%
Research Methods 90%